The Last Hope

The Group of the Chosen
The Group of the Chosen

Prompt: Give each person a name, an occupation, and a reason for being in the group.

(Monday – June 1, 2015)
Declan was the unspoken leader not because he was the most suited for the job but because no one else seemed to care for the task. Declan was a blacksmith, but he had always craved adventure. He is fearless, so much so, that many deem his decisions as brash or questionable, but Declan doesn’t mind. He has a good sense of humor and can take any criticism. He knows his decisions are sometimes dangerous, but he views them as worthy risks for the quest.

Declan is knowledgeable on some matters, but he relies heavily on the knowledge of others to influence his decisions. He is aware of the concern that some of his companions have for him, but he can’t help it. The only way he can push himself to be better is to put enormous amounts of pressure on himself. As a blacksmith, he would always push himself to the point of exhaustion, but as the leader of a very large group, he often finds himself frustrated with the others for not putting in an equal amount of effort.

Declan can be very reasonable unless he sets his mind on something. Once his mind is made on a decision, it is practically set in stone.

Declan, a hardy eighteen year old from Denmark, was chosen for the quest because of his bravery. He has the courage of ten men. His favorite literary passage is Deuteronomy 31:6.

Caroline was always perceived as very quiet until she was chosen for the quest. She rarely speaks and prefers listening to others. She is always the first person Declan goes to for advice. She always stays by his side and tries to guide him toward smoother waters. At first, she found his brash decisions to be frustrating, but she learned to be patient with him especially because he is usually willing to listen.

She stands as a voice of reason, so staying close to the leader is a natural position for her. She was a dressmaker but served as a detective in her free time. She is very observant of her companions and her surroundings when she isn’t too occupied trying to keep Declan out of trouble.

Caroline cares for Declan deeply, and she senses that he cares for her as well. However, his mind is always so wrapped around their quest that he often disregards her, but Caroline knows the importance of their mission so she rarely lets her emotions get in the way especially if she knows that something is best for the group.

Caroline, a bright seventeen year old from Norway, was chosen for her wisdom. Her advice not only saves lives but also improves them. Her favorite verse is Proverbs 19:20.

James often helps Caroline reason with Declan, but he is one of the people who constantly question their leader’s decisions. James is not easily distracted from the main task of their quest despite whatever obstacles are thrown in the way. He has a calming effect on the group.

James isn’t often considered in the group, but he doesn’t mind because he is a very solitary individual. He feels a certain closeness to Amelia because she, too, is a bit odd and quiet.

James worked as a mapmaker, and besides his knowledge of geography, he knows how to concentrate his mind on the most important aspect of the mission. He breaks down problems to the core then watches as his more creative and intelligent companions come up with solutions which he also breaks down until the best solution is agreed.

James, a dignified seventeen year old from Britain, was chosen for his cool headed ability to deal with difficult situations. His favorite portion of literature is James 1:8.

(Tuesday – June 2, 2015)
Amelia usually keeps to herself, but if she does speak, it usually has something to do with helping the group. Amelia is incredibly resourceful. She considers James her best friend because he is the one that she usually confides in.

She came from a family of all men who were hunters which left Amelia incredibly independent and self-reliant. She is a decent fighter, but her true abilities come from getting the most out of what little they have.

Amelia becomes a key member when the group gets low on supplies. When Declan hatches a plan, she converses with James to use what little materials are available to make it work. She aids Sarah in finding medicine, and she works with Neil in gathering food.

Amelia, an efficient sixteen year old from France, was chosen for her adaptive and resourceful skills. Her favorite verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9.

(Wednesday – June 3, 2015)
Archie is the most outspoken in the group. Everyone likes him, though he can sometimes get on their nerves due to his laid back nature and constant sarcastic comments. A lot of the softer spoken people in the group rely on Archie’s blunt and brutal honesty when it comes to expressing his opinion. He doesn’t care to tell Declan or anyone else that their idea is stupid and destined for failure.

Bluntness isn’t the only thing that Archie brings to the table. When everyone else is all out of ideas, Archie is able to think up some pretty outrageous yet brilliant ideas. When confronted, he usually just gives an arrogant half-smile and claims that creativity runs in his blood.

Having traveled in a motorcycle gang, Archie loves speed and craves adventure. For this reason, he and Declan get along well. Archie was also a musician, and at night, he would often serenade the others without meaning to by humming to himself and even muttering lyrics occasionally.

Archie considers Neil to be his best friend, though the two rarely agree. He never says anything about it, but he finds Sarah to be quite beautiful and has feelings for her which is the reason he often picks on her.
Archie, a bold seventeen year old from America, was chosen for his creativity and brave honesty. His favorite passage of literature is Ephesians 5:19.

(Thursday – June 4, 2015)
Neil is by far the most intelligent in the group. He keeps everything organized and ensures that there is a certain order to everything. He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, and anything he finds funny, no one else seems to understand. Caroline has the closest related personality to Neil, and he uses her and Archie to relay his thoughts to Declan.

Neil likes the fact that Amelia is independent and incredibly resourceful mostly because she knows a lot methods about conserving resources that he isn’t aware of, but he finds the mission to be more important than any relationship. Archie is aware of Neil’s mild interest and constantly teases him for it. Only Archie can make the usually mild-mannered Neil break out of his shell either with anger or laughter.

Neil worked as a librarian and can always be found carrying a book. He is usually up the latest reading by the firelight, and he makes certain to trade any already read book for a new one anytime they happen by a town. Despite the urging of others, Neil refuses to let any of his books be harmed no matter how low the supplies are.

Neil, a systematic eighteen year old from Ireland, was chosen for his knowledge on a variety of subjects ranging from fighting to engineering buildings. His knowledge can sometimes be exchanged for help. He has a special fondness for many books, but his favorite verse is Hosea 4:6.

Felix rarely shows emotion and tends to have a cold demeanor. He likes to be left alone, but he refuses to be ignored if there is a rare occasion where he does speak. He doesn’t care to express that he doesn’t care for the others, although some can sense that he’s just putting on a front.

Felix doesn’t care to disobey orders especially if he gets the idea that someone is just trying to control him. For this reason, he is found especially distasteful to Mia. Felix often enjoys making Mia angry by acting arrogant and superior to her, though he secretly likes the attention.

Felix worked as a weapon’s instructor, but his night life involved being a private investigator and a detective for the government or anyone else who could afford him. He is an excellent fighter but specializes in defense fighting. He is also good at sneaking around unnoticed which comes in handy when the group wanders through unfriendly territory.

Felix, a stubborn eighteen year old from Russia, was chosen for his defensive skills. His favorite piece of scripture is Jeremiah 17:9.

Mia likes the idea of being small because people tend to underestimate her that way. She is feisty and quick, always refusing to give up. She is competitive especially against Felix who always tends to downplay her size.

Mia is similar to Archie and Declan in the sense that she loves adventure, but though she is often peppy and excited, she sometimes falls into moods where she feels sad and discouraged. Mia is smart and quick on her feet. The sword is her favorite weapon, though she is skilled in all weaponry.

She considers Sarah her best friend, though she spends most of her time with Felix. She used to get angry with him but soon learned that he becomes irritated if she acts as if she likes him. She thinks this is probably because he actually does like her. Mia knows that the conversations between her and Felix are the group’s greatest source of entertainment, and she will admit that the cold Russian is growing on her.

Mia was a bit of an entrepreneur. She did various jobs to earn money mostly because she was more concerned with traveling and living than studying or earning money. She is better offensive fighting because of her small yet nimble stature. She can also form offensive plans and attacks against a more powerful or more numerous foe.

Mia, an ambitious sixteen year old from Canada, was chosen for her offensive fighting abilities. Though Neil tells her that she reminds him of the Shakespearean quote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” her favorite passage is Ecclesiastes 3:8.

(Friday – June 5, 2015)
Sarah is the kindest of everyone in the group. She is probably the most unathletic, although she would be considered fast. She loves traveling but doesn’t enjoy the way that the group goes about it. She would rather be on a train or walking or the streets rather than sneaking through the woods and hiding out in caves. She loves looking at the marvels of nature and man’s creation.

Everyone likes Sarah because she is quiet and compassionate. She considers kindness a necessary act which sometimes slows the group down. Sarah considers Mia her best friend, though she has more in common with Caroline. She finds Archie amusing and at times annoying. She knows that he likes her, but she isn’t sure about how she feels about him yet.

Sarah’s father was a doctor and surgeon, so she has a vast knowledge of the medical field. She is considered the group’s doctor and works with Amelia to find herbs. She refers to herself as a follower, but anytime someone gets hurt, Sarah’s immediate reactions take over, and she takes complete control of the situation.

Sarah, a patient eighteen year old from Austria was chosen for her doctoring skills. Her favorite portion of literature is Luke 6:35. She often mutters it to herself anytime she feels the urge to become angry or faces difficult situations.

Aylin is very strong-willed. She doesn’t often give her opinion about what the group should do, but when she does, everyone listens. She considers herself a survivor because she emerged from a war-stricken and starving country. She is very proactive and alert. When something is coming, Aylin is always the first to know. She is the group’s personal alarm.

Aylin is closest to Caroline, though she doesn’t get very close to anyone because she has the mindset that someone could die at any moment. She can come off as distant or cold, but she is very kind and can light up anyone’s day with her smile.

Aylin did various things to survive even stealing at times. She made cloth and worked in fields to gain an income. She has an almost impeccable sense of danger. She is also good at fighting and very fast. She often helps Felix hunt for food. Aylin’s cautiousness often saves the group from many unnecessary dangers.

Aylin, a prudent eighteen year old from Kenya, was chosen for her alertness and high quality senses. Her favorite proverb is Proverbs 27:12.

A group made up of specialized youth from around the globe was formed to collect and distribute manuscripts the last book of the original second testament in. Their age gives them advantages in not being suspected and also being underestimate . Their duty is to ensure the survival of their people who haven’t already been hunted and killed. They are our last hope.

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