“And what about her?” I asked looking towards the battered girl who stared in our direction through the bars of her cage.

“Ah, that one.” The corners of his mouth curled into a smile. “That one’s a fighter, but I’ve just about got her.” He crossed his arms as he turned to face her. “She’ll make a good little slave. A few days and she’ll break. I can already tell by her eyes.” He laughed a bit to himself. “I guarantee it.”

He went on his way, but I stood still. She backed away from the bars and stared after him then turned her vehement glare to me. The sea green eyes burned like a cerulean flame, nothing like the pitiful specimen that had been there only moments before. A vicious smile gently tugged at the corners of her mouth.

Perhaps she was the one playing him. He had no idea the strength of her spirit. She had him fooled, but not me.

She may not realize it yet, but we were two of a kind.

So I returned her smile.



Picture source: eoloperfido.com

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