Smile for Me


Smile through the pain.

People will notice it instead of your tears.

Keep your head held high.

It’s the best way to fend off your fears.

Even when nothing is funny,

Throw back your head and laugh.

Because it makes you remember

All the smiling moments from the past.

Joy is like an annoying song.

A ten cent hourly raise.

Though it may not seem like very much,

Its effects will certainly remain.

So when Doubt comes pounding at the door,

When Fear comes bursting in,

Look that devil straight in the eye,

And give him your biggest grin.

To succeed at life,

We need not money,

Power, glory, or fame.

The one thing every person has in common

Is that joy is what we crave.

An infectious disease treated as a treasure.

A great and powerful defense.

The companion of love and all its pleasure

A remedy for every sickness.

Spread the pandemic and make someone else smile

By giving them your own.

So when it travels back round its circuit,

In you, Joy will find a home.

Remember this

As you feel Joy leave.

To smile

For me.

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