The World Beneath the Stars


There is a world beneath the stars

From which I knew long, long ago.

This present age where days are darkness

Knights would wonder from years before.

There is no fear amidst the blindness.

Only an aching of the brightest souls.

Strained lips are curved into empty smiles.

Pleasant dreams ascend like smoke.

Laughter is heard. Each doubting his own.

Dying, they cling to a withered wisp of grass.

Trying to gather the vapor with hands.

But the frost comes.

And the wind blows.

And they are gone.

I watched with aching in my heart

At how soon a man would lay down his life

Then sleep in bitterness in a bed of earth.

The sun no longer casts his shadow.

The snow fills in the traces of his steps.

Memories fade like an old worn garment.

Until at last carried away by time.

Where is the laughter?

Where is the singing?

That once filled my ears in the earth long ago?

It fled with the light when the sun hid his face.

It departed when wisdom could no longer be found.

The purpose of life became unsearchable.

So stolen away were Joy and Peace.

Locked in a chest and bound with chains,

Hidden beneath the darkness of oceans,

Under the earth where the fires do rage,

Above the sky where the stars do watch,

There lies the treasure which must be sought.

So I returned home from my earthly wanderings

To a pale, gray moon that hangs in the darkness.

And I watched.

And I waited.

For a man who could find the unsearchable truth.

A man who could bear the world on his shoulders.

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