Twisted Souls


Some of the most beautiful people are monsters. Some of the most kind, gracious, gentle people are the most vicious people you’ll ever meet because they don’t hit you like a bullet to the face or a knife to the back. No, it’s much worse than that.

They start as your friend. Your best friend. They earn your trust and learn all your secrets. They smile when you’re happy and hold your hand when you’re sad.

You see the light in their eyes when they look at you but never how dead they are inside. You notice how they stand up for you but fail to realize that it’s only because you’re their victim and no one else’s.

They pretend to actually care about you, and they pretend so well that they may actually believe it a little themselves. But then they remember how fun it is to hurt you.


It had started as an elixir, a magic potion. It made you happy and bubbly and always wanting to laugh. Then the effects wore off a bit, then a little bit more, until you felt nothing. Then you began to feel heavy in your limbs and sick to your stomach. It hurt to open your eyes, but you could never sleep. Your skin turned paler, then ashen.

You had no one to help you. No one to understand. No one but them. They cradled your head and whispered soft words. They looked at you with soft, innocent eyes.

Even though they were laughing inside.

Because you never noticed them slipping you the poison.

It’s only in the end when your skin clings to your bones and it hurts your heart to take another beat as opposed to stopping;
when you’ve unknowingly pushed away anyone who has ever cared for you; when the dark cloud that used to hang over your head has completely enveloped you;
when that innocent mask shatters to reveal a wicked smile…

It’s only then that you realize this beautiful creature is actually a monster with a twisted soul.

And they leave you. Abandoned. Broken. Alone. In a thousand pieces that could never fit back together.

And you don’t even feel anything because you’ve already hurt for so long.

Yes, these monsters are the worst form of evil. The ones who kill you slowly until only a shell of a person remains. And they leave you only when they are certain that you can never love, trust, or feel again.

But you should’ve known better…

Even the devil can transform himself into an angel of light.

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