Oh Remember?


Pictures of time frozen in place.

Images of love, cruelty, and hate.

Our loved ones standing like tall, distinguished trees.

And though some things cannot be forgotten,

Our mind departs like the falling of leaves.

Oh time, why do you fade?

Taking all of my life away.

Pictures falter with my age.

Faces blur as my head turns gray.

But there are some things that stay clear in my mind.

And I’ll remember with the appearance of a smile.

Sometimes a word, a touch, or a sound

Bring them flooding back before my eyes,

And I smile promising to keep them forever bound.

But this time is rather a gift.

How could we remember what stained our lips

Then fell into darkness with eyes wide open?

Buried six feet under the ground

While we recorded every moment with a permanent pen.

But it’s then that I close my eyes

And think of children singing to the sky

As the stars smiled down upon our lives

When we were just budding into time.

Oh, the pain and comfort that comes and goes.

Memories like flowers before the season of snow.

Such beautiful moments of love and sorrow.

Forever imprinted somewhere inside

Moments recorded for only my life.

Then buried with me beneath the earth.

Like a capsule of who I once was

Never to be found or disturbed.

Because here lies the dash between my death and my birth.

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