The Moment I Knew


Every breath.

Every moment.

I felt it so immensely that all time seemed to stand still.

I knew it didn’t.

Because it couldn’t.

The world would complete her rounds, and the wind would follow his circuits. The oceans would follow their carved path, and the dawn would rise and fall like she always did as though nothing had happened.

Only you and I knew the difference. We could feel it. Not by some outward force. It was much stronger than that.

Stronger than a tempest or a hurricane. More passionate than the fire that bled from a volcano.

The wind blew my hair, and I barely felt it. I could only feel the fireworks exploding in my chest because I realized that your plain brown eyes held traces of gold and mysteries deeper than the caverns under the ocean.

That, my darling, was the moment I realized I loved you. It was in the same moment that I realized you loved me, and no one would ever love me as much as you would.

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