Countless waves of endless light
Decorate the sky each night.
Silent warriors keeping watch.
And no one’s ever told you
The courage of the stars?

How their light goes on for infinite miles
An eternity after that brave beacon dies?

And has anyone ever the audacity to say
That these numberless stars in infinite space
Have the very same shine
That they see in your eyes?
The very same colors and beauty and fire?

And have you ever considered, perhaps in your life
How beautiful it is to simply be alive?

And perhaps you should wonder, and come to believe
That all of this beauty was meant to be seen.
That all of these stars with bright, burning lights
Were placed for a reason in the sky each night.

So ask yourself, darling, concerning all that you see,
“Was all of this made to be seen by me?”

These ethereal lights
Reflect in your eyes.
So how could God make
Simply one to suffice
And the others not create?

No, you, my dear, are a masterpiece,
A shard of heaven, wild and free.

I see you, my star, as if in a dream,
Where you fulfill the desire of your wanderings.
And you return home to me
Having realized the value of your worth
And the beauty of your wings.

And your matchless light burns next to mine,
And we remain always by the other’s side.

So when the wind in your wandering soul
Should blow you wherever you wish to go,
Remember, my love, your spirit of fire.
How only you, and you alone
Have such an exquisite inward light.

No two stars are made just the same
Just as you are an untamable flame.

And remember me, my floating star,
My boldest beacon, wherever you are.
For I’ll be watching your rounds of the sky,
And just as you, be looking upward
For when the heavens put on their night.

Because the same stars you’ll watch amidst the moon
Are the same ones I’ll be watching, too.

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