The Sea


The sea goes on – callous and indifferent.

Its crests snarl as the waves toil endlessly.

The white foam and howling winds fill the air

Only mocking my lonely cries for help.

A careless wave fills my ship with water.

My tired vessel soon begins to sink, for

I can’t remove the water fast enough.

The already dark skies blacken and blind

What little vision I have remaining.

I feel as though I am on the edge of

The world – teetering on the brink of doom.

My sails are ripped, but one lone gust is all

That is needed to topple me over.

Rain pours vehemently sinking me down.

A crack of thunder shudders the frail wood.

I cling to the mast with all of my might.

Eyes closed and screaming but drowned out by rain.

Just when the waters crash a bit too high,

Just as the tempest gets a bit too strong,

Just as my ship begins to break apart,

Just as my life is on the door of death,

A break in the clouds split open the sky,

And moonlight spills over the endless sea.

Light dances over the lapping waters

With colors of blue and yellow and gold.

Glimpses of light stretch across the dark clouds,

And the sun arises as though wakened

From a gentle sleep. The splendor of his

Rays change the clothing of night into dawn.

Memories of tempests fade behind light,

And I am left to wonder and watch amazed

At how remarkable it is to sail

Such oceans, how rare it is to have come so

Far. How beautiful it is to exist.

My boat moans, and I patch up what I can,

While careless waters stretch on endlessly.

A sun watches overhead to laugh at

My vain life, as clouds warn of coming storms.

Great lessons can be learned from the ocean.

Just as the sea, life is a bit careless,

Indifferent to every problem or need.

Deaf to our cries while shrugging at our pain.

Storms happen to us all and threaten to

Break our lives into a thousand pieces.

But then the storm parts, and light filters through.

And we are left to wonder at how great

A gift and opportunity we have

To sail, to actually be alive.

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