How to be happy


Care. Let kindness clothe you.

Smile as though you will never have a chance to again.

Love. Even those who don’t deserve it.

Forgive. Even when they are not sorry.

At night, smile up at the stars and moon.

Think only on the dawn when it comes.

Think of clouds as sustainers of life.

Think of winter as a sleeping world.

Think of oceans as vast mysteries.

Think of literature as blood instead of ink.

Think of music as the language for all ears.

Think of death as a doorway to heaven.

Think of life as you would a sunrise.

Think of people as better than yourself.

And think of joy as a gift and not a privilege.

Give as though no part of you should remain.

Remember that tears always expel impurities.

Do not care for vain things.

Remember that pain helps you recognize the worth of life.

Always wear listening ears.

Always remain innocent.

Remember that God is a savior before He is a judge.

Look for goodness like it exists in all people.

Look for beauty with blind eyes.

Look at people and see not people, but eternal souls.

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