Tempests of Love

All roaring and raging

Unquenched like a fire

That could devour the world.

Halfbeaten ships

Enduring merciless blows.

Passionate flames

That lick up the life.

But what when the vessels

Are crumpled by waves?

Or when the whole world

Goes up in flames?

And nothing is left

But endless sea?

And nothing remains

But smoke and ash?

I cannot hold to

This destructive love,

This consuming void,

That batters my heart.

I would rather my love

Create light and not darkness.

To sustain a life

Instead of destroy it.

I prefer gentleness

Over this passion.

I prefer white

Over this red.

I would rather my love

Burn soft like a candle,

Small and joyful,

As opposed to shaking the earth.

Writer. College student. Focused. Blessed. Adventurer. Musician. Professional over thinker. I'm pretty busy with college, but sometimes I write. It clears my head and reminds me of the impact I want to have on the world, which is why I'll never stop.

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