Always laughing, always tired,
We’d drive around the town for miles.
Pocket change and wandering eyes
Only distracted by glancing smiles.

Always laughing, always tired,
We always blamed the city lights.
You gathered me up in arms so tight
With whispers and kisses and warmth and night.

Always laughing, always tired,
We’d escape to the highest height
Where stars would gather in the sky,
Yet the closest two were all I admired.

Always laughing, always tired,
Even laughing till we cried.
Beauty, sadness, sweetness, strife,
Memories buried in the drawer on the right.

Always laughing always tired,
Your hair reminds me of my dress of white.
Sweeter still are memories of your smile,
The sound of music, and your shining eyes.

Always laughing, always tired,
You always were my sweetest trial.
Enduring, endearing, enchanting, and bright.
You were my love. You were my life.

Writer. College student. Focused. Blessed. Adventurer. Musician. Professional over thinker. I'm pretty busy with college, but sometimes I write. It clears my head and reminds me of the impact I want to have on the world, which is why I'll never stop.

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