The Day in April


There is such a thing as strange excitement. An overflow of emotions in response to something that seems trivial. A certain joy that makes you wonder, why does this make me happy? But you don’t really care to know the answer. Take this day in April, for example.

It’s a rather beautiful day. Around eighty degrees and sunny with a cool breeze.

Remember as a child looking forward to summer? Christmas? Saturday? Tiny bits of joy that carry you through the day and then the week. There’s a reason they say to never fully grow up.

Often it doesn’t really come to mind, but then it suddenly strikes you. It’s the little things – the seemingly small things – the days like today – all of them added up together – even that sunny day in April that you likely won’t remember. That’s what makes life worth living.

Anyway, here’s the poem:

Mostly sunny with just a few clouds.

Life emerging: bright and proud.

Petals falling. Floating down.

Color everywhere covers the ground.

Tiny black eyes hidden by leaves

Search for a meal to fall from the trees.

Birds with song so loud and sweet

Combined create nature’s melody.

A bud of Spring; a flower bright.

A gorgeous picture: clear, concise.

Turning, twirling, spinning eyes

Could never capture all the life.

The simple things that make one feel

Have all the power to mend, to heal.

Folded up in my mind and sealed

Is this moment, this day in April.

Photo: Takuma Kimura

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