I like to imagine. I like to think about what could be and all the possibilities of what I’d like for us to do. I like to imagine that your personality would fit perfect with mine, that you’d be gorgeous, out of my league, but you’d love my flaws anyway. I like to think that we’d have nothing but free time to adventure and travel and go all the places I’ve ever wanted to go, and we’d have the money to do it. I imagine we’d always have fun. You’d make me laugh and I would make you smile, and despite the fact that I’m boring, you’d find me interesting and mysterious. It’d be so easy to love you.

It’s kind of funny all the things I like to leave out. We never fight. We never disagree. You’re never mad at me, and there’s not a thing about you that gets on my nerves. Of course that’s true for all couples, but never in my thoughts. I imagine that we might disagree some, but it’d only draw us closer. I imagine that we’d have fun most of the time. We’d grow old together.

I like to look up pictures of perfect couples cuddling and adventuring and put us in their place. It’s so easy to daydream. Especially about you. You perfect person.

Maybe that’s why I can’t love anybody. Because I love you.

Now, if only you existed.



Photo: Ryan Polei

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