Memories and Dreams

Unarticulated scenes of splendor
Does in the shadows of my mind render
Words that are far too hard to understand.
My heart, it longs for a simpler time
When thoughts were clouds rolling across the sky,
And the beauty of life was in the chance.

This great perhaps which all men have sought for,
Rolling the dice for what lies at the door.
Fanciful thoughts know no bounds for the youth.
So I watched the sky with uplifted eyes
Swelling my heart with great, beautiful lies
Watching and waiting for some untamed truth.

I know not quite what to think of such scenes
That make my heart pound for unrealized dreams
Only in part that I wish to return.
Go back to the place where the wind and grass
Whispered sweet nothings as the trees all laughed.
Mountains watched closely with eyes ever stern.

The music of birds far sweeter than strings,
Their melody strong in my ear still rings.
The creek bubbles softly crystal and clear.
Young flowers dance sweetly a courtly ball.
The wind leads his ladies unmatched to all.
I catch glimpses of smiles when I crawl near.

That wild fellow then caresses my cheeks.
He playfully laughs while dancing with leaves.
I smile knowing wind can never be tamed.
Oh! To go back now would strengthen my heart.
To travel my mind and capture such art.
My pictures would surpass all worldwide fame.

The images of my youth are fleeting.
I close my eyes and hear the stars singing,
Yet behind the clouds they are all unseen.
The darkness, with time, only grows dimmer.
The string I cling to only grows thinner,
And I race to fill the gap with a seam.

Although I may appear as one quite young,
The light in my eyes is from darkness strung.
My heart may seem that it is somewhat new,
But what light that’s seen reflects from a coal.
I have a young heart and a very old soul.
The age seen is blind to dreams overdue.

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