Dear Fire Girl

Dear Firegirl, 

You’re not soft. No matter how hard you try. You’re destructive. The fire practically burns in your eyes. I know you want to be sweet. You try to be quiet and submissive. You want to be everything they say you should be, everything they praise. You try to smother the fire within you, to smolder it with ashes, but you, my dear, are too much like the phoenix. You are too bright, too fierce. There is no rest for the fire shut up in your bones. It will always burn, so please, just let it be. 

Not everyone sees you as loud and stubborn. You’re a sun among the stars. A glowing chandelier among the candles. A single spark ignites your passions. 

I can see how their inadequacy infuriates you. You think there is no man to lead you, protect you, tame you, but you have yet to find that sort. 

We do exist. 

Let me inquire, how can a fire be tamed? Only through the rain and crashing of ocean waves. Every bit as wild as you. You are a wildfire that only a storm can quench. So let your spirit burn, so your missing piece may find you. 

Not everyone views you as unruly and brutal. They may never say, but they find you quite beautiful. They look on in jealousy, so let your true banners fly. Let the heat and warmth consume you. And for goodness sake, Firegirl, let that inner light burn. 

With love, 

The boy who watches. 


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