The Romantic’s Anthem

There is a certain sweetness in the air.
A certain taste, so bright and fair.
The mournful clouds all pass me by.
The sun watches from his throne in the sky.
The laughing moon and dancing stars
All have their place in a realm of char. 

But where is my place amidst this retinue?
Out in the fields among the blooms?
Or is it here contentful to watch
The earth pass by on its spinning top? 

I prefer to gaze upon this world
As its majesty is unfurled
Than tamper with the Master’s hand
And mar His carefully molded land
Where sea and sky and earth and life
Each serve a purpose in His sight. 

Yet is this not the purpose of man?
To leave a mark; to rise, to stand?
Destruction is not my calling here.
To help the helpless; to dry their tears;
To reflect the will of the Creator above;
To treat every soul as a father, mother, daughter, or son 

This is my place in the uncertain earth
Where light and dark intertwine into blessing and curse.
This beautiful disaster we often call life,
This dance of chaos and order; wrong and right.
My existence proves not accidental or a mistake
But rather the completion of what living takes. 

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