The Quest for Beauty

The fancy utters of night in dreams
That lay me down in sleep so sweet
Do whisper, whisper of the soul’s delight
And the pinnacle of the mortal’s mind. 

I traveled down a chimera path
With eyes gazing at stars who laughed
At my grasp too short, too short to stretch
The length of grasping at their breath. 

I passed the shadowed trees of midnight hue
Drenched with angel tears for a covering of dew
Where each glisten was brighter, far brighter than the moon
And bark was marked with unearthly runes. 

Was it here? Was I here?
Had my prayers at last been heard?
Was I where the light, the pale light,
And enticing night intertwined? 

Would I find where the sea finally embraced the sky?
Or where the well would expose the secrets in Ligeia’s eyes?
Down this path, this chimera trail,
Was there a tapestry of Helen’s tale? 

My heartbeat measured in mountains,
And my eyes became as fountains.
A glimpse of paradise, Eden’s grove?
A sea of glass and a sapphire throne? 

Was I here at last where peace would overflow
The discontent brim of my weary soul,
And all of my desire, my one desire would achieve
And I, wandering visionary, would be at ease? 

I passed the trees, the stars, the chiaroscuro scene,
The flowers, the dew from beings unseen.
My legs carried me faster and faster, like mad,
And doubt was drowned by hope joy-clad.

Had I found beauty?
Had I found life?
The stars, the laughing lights,
Harmonized in melodies of pure delight. 

Had a mortal finally come upon the hidden abode?
Of what only offered glimpses in notes or in codes?
In words and sounds and blended colors on a canvas?
In the whispers of God in rivers, oceans, and us? 

I rounded the corner, my hand on my heart
As light and colors and music and perfect art
Blinded my vision for an instant, a twinkling instant,
And my eyes adjusted to the floating dust and dreams of a mere existent. 

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