“Why do you always exercise?” 

“I don’t know. I guess I just do.” 

“Do you not like the way you look?” 

“Not really, but… I don’t know.” 

“Has exercise changed the way you look?” 

“No, I mean… I don’t know why I do it.” 

“What’s the matter?” 

“I guess I’m just tired is all.” 

“You get all that energy to work out.” 

“Yeah, I want to be pretty is all.” 

“Why don’t you think you’re pretty already?” 

“…I just don’t. I don’t know. Sometimes I do, but then – then other times I don’t.” 

“Do you think your opinion of yourself will ever change if you’re never happy with what you are?” 

“No, it probably won’t. I need to eat healthier.” 

“You need to be happier. Your happiness – that’s what makes you beautiful.” 


“Why do you do things that make you unhappy?” 

“Some things I have to do, and I just get stressed.” 

“Yeah, but those other things you don’t have to do, why do them?” 

“I don’t know… sometimes I think that they’ll make me feel better.” 

“But they don’t, do they?” 


“Go take a shower, and workout when you want to. You need to read. That makes you happy.” 

“Yeah, if I can focus on it.” 

“Well, focus on it. But not now. Now, go take a shower. You’re tired, but you’ve been resting a lot lately. Put your mind to work, and read something. That’s always helped you.” 


“Go on, now. And you’re beautiful, by the way. You’re exactly how I want you to be, for what it’s worth.” 

“It’s worth a lot. Thanks.” 

(Photo: Matheus Ferrero)

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