gazing at ground between his feet 

he shifted 

the world nearly tipped 

the nations battled for the third time 

lust bloodshed and cruelty 

for the sake of their vanities 

their governments religions and economies 

he grew weary 

their speeches of hope  

made him groan 

their battle cries 

punctured his skin 

their weapons of free radicals 

burned his hands 

and he could bear it no longer. 


when the world grew dark 

the wars stopped 

but fear grew stronger 

people came together 


when the death stench was strong 

looking everywhere for the cause 

except their own hands 

but the world had ended 

because the one who bore them 

could bear them no more. 

(Photo: Mads Schmidt Rasmussen)

Writer. College student. Focused. Blessed. Adventurer. Musician. Professional over thinker. I'm pretty busy with college, but sometimes I write. It clears my head and reminds me of the impact I want to have on the world, which is why I'll never stop.

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