You think that we are small and delicate
With dust in our wings and petals as our walls, 

But we have more power than your mind could bear,
More wealth than a Pharaoh or all the banks of Ophir. 

You think we live to dance and leave dew on the grass,
But we do more than make children fly. 

We have raised up kings and knights,
Determining the fate of whom we love and hate. 

We can change our shape to be what we will,
Fragile and gentle in the eyes of a child 

But as fair as the moon and as clear as the sun,
Turning tides, giving light, creating life 

In a never ending chase around an unsearchable earthen heart.
We have the beauty of roses as delicate as the petals 

Where you imagine we spend our days pruning our wings,
But our thorns are as terrible as an army with banners. 

(Photo: Lawrence Green)

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