He walks in darkness, in the night
Of clouds and shadows void of light.
Yet all that’s best of dark and bright
Can soon be glimpsed within his eyes
Thus mellowed to those swollen skies
Which giddy, mindless day denies. 

Somber, soft, his gaze doth express
Upon a wise yet smiling face
Till flitting joy seems much the less
Compared to wisdom’s sad embrace.
In stormy eyes, I must confess
How pure, how grand, their dwelling-place. 

And on his hands, and cheek, and brow,
Such wondrous calm and eloquent.
To a bear a burden none can know,
I do declare my strength is spent
In hiding when my heart does glow
In love for storms and innocence.

(Photo: Todd Quackenbush)

Finally free for the summer. This poem was written for one of my final projects. It’s inspired by Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty.”

Writer. College student. Focused. Blessed. Adventurer. Musician. Professional over thinker. I'm pretty busy with college, but sometimes I write. It clears my head and reminds me of the impact I want to have on the world, which is why I'll never stop.

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