Writing Prompt (Post-Apocalyptic)

A Single Drop of Ocean: 

The Dream Journal of Frederick Willspin Avery 

Drawing on the global and temporal experiences showcased in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, this additional chapter argues that the different perspectives in the book each showcase how unity comes at a price. More specifically, unity can only be achieved if certain powers are exalted, individuality is suppressed, and oppression is present, and the powers, individuals, and oppression differ with each story. The purpose of this project is to exhibit that the push for globalization isn’t always better than a fragmented world, and individuals should stand against these powers and oppressions. 

Frederick Willspin Avery, the protagonist of this additional chapter and reincarnation of the previous protagonists, is using the stories of his previous lives to examine his own time and what his actions should be with the current ascended power which has chosen to preach a narrative that only the exaltation of art will save mankind. Avery analyzes the history of how these institutions of power arise, often with good intentions, yet with time, corruption leaks in leading to oppression and the loss of individuality. Avery also studies the origin of resistances beginning from the actions of individuals, including those of his past life, and a new age of peace reigns until another person gets an idea and institutes a new order of power that also degenerates with time. The cycle repeats, causing Avery to question if fighting back is worth the effort since powers always seem to replace one another, and corrupt degeneration seems inevitable.  

This is the abstract for the final paper I had to put together for one of my classes – write an additional chapter to Cloud Atlas.

This abstract served as my guide to writing the chapter, and I thought it’d make a good prompt for a longer sort of story for anyone interested in trying their hand at a post-apocalyptic challenge. (Just cut out the parts about Cloud Atlas if you’re unfamiliar with the story or just feel like it.)

I’ll share the full paper here later, probably in parts because it’s very long.

(Photo: Anthony Intraversato)

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